17th August, Tuesday, 2021

A counseling session for students of MBA-I Semester II was organized at the College on 17th August, Tuesday. The students were called for the session in two batches, one for the morning and second for the afternoon session. The focus of the session was their academic progress and the choice of specialization for the second year of their studies.

Dr. Trupti S Almoula, Director, welcomed the students and gave a general outline of the second year journey and its importance for the students.

Dr. Chetna Makwana gave the details about Finance Specialization to the students. She discussed about the Finance courses during the second year of the MBA programme in detail and also highlighting their importance for the students. She discussed the career options available in the area of Finance and some alumni of our College who are working in these areas.

Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala discussed the details of the HR specialization courses, and the opportunities available for HR students in the industry. Discussing the details of the HR field she also talked about the various courses that the students are required to study for their HR specialization.

Dr. Subhash Yadav, informed the students about the Marketing Specialization courses, attitude and skills needed for the specialization course and the opportunities available for the Marketing Specialization students.

Prof. Iram Khan shared her insights about the changes that are happening because of disruption in the many sectors of business and their impact in terms of career choice for the students. She also emphasized the fact that students need to prepare themselves proactively for these changes and be ready with the right mindset and attitude for the same.

Prof. Nisha Dubey in her discussion with the students stressed the importance of being responsible for the choices that students make for their future. She stressed the importance of being punctual and regular for the various curricular activities organized by the College for the students.

The purpose of the session was to enable the students to make an informed choice about their career options. The sessions were followed up by individual discussion by each faculty member with their respective groups.